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Klim, the reference brand in clothing and equipment for the modern motorcyclist

Posted by admin 16/11/2018 0 Comment(s)

Klim Marca

Our society lives immersed in a constant evolution and so it is so that this is observed in practically all the fields of our day to day. The hobbies, of course, are also part of this change and the world of the two-wheeled motor has not been left behind. Mechanics and new safety and comfort systems have been joined by brands such as Klim, a company specialising in the manufacture of sports clothing and equipment for motorcyclists. For motocross, supermotard, enduro, road motorcycling... Whatever your style and the discipline you practice, you will find all kinds of accessories and clothing for motorcycling lovers like you.


Maximum quality with an extensive catalogue of Klim clothing in Andorra.

Created in 1999 in the city of Rigby (USA), Klim has now become a reference in the sector of equipment and clothing for motorcyclists, also being specialists in offering quality materials and klim snowmobile gear.

However, its clothing and accessories catalogue is mainly aimed at off-road modalities. Thus, in the different klim stores and distributors around the world, you will find all kinds of accessories (klim helmets, integral bibs, helmets, glasses, knee pads, klim boots, etc.) and clothing (klim jackets, klim pants, klim gloves) for both beginners and experienced pilots.


In Europe, for example, the American brand already has a Klim distributor in Spain and Andorra. The latter, with Tourand as the only representative of Klim in the Pyrenees. In this way, in our shop you will find the equipment you need for your weekend outings, or for the competition. The great quality and durability of its materials has allowed this important American brand to participate in the most prestigious motor events in the world, being present in the Dakar as a reference in safety and comfort for the pilot. That is why, within its wide catalogue of articles, the company has motorcycle trail clothing, motorcycle trail suit and motorcycle trail trousers. 




That's right, and so Klim lives the passion for the motor. 



Tourand, Klim distributor in Andorra, one of the brands with the most follow up on the nets.



Klim Snow Mobile

In short, Tourand only relies on quality brands that offer optimal performance for motor sports and Klim, of course, is one of them. Its impact is not only demonstrated at the level of sales, being one of the most requested brands among our customers, but also in social networks. In this sense, the amount of mentions that Klim receives from the different social channels stands out. A fact that is exemplified by the case of one of the best-selling products: the Badlands jacket.



Mrhicks46, for exampleone of the most popular influencers of the two-wheeled sport, has a particular history with the brand. Again with the Badlands jacket in the spotlight, the influencer posted a post on his Facebook channel talking about the characteristics of the garment, a fact that made the publication the most commented and shared of his Fan Page. With a community of more than 4000 users.