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Touratech, German reliability applied to adventure motorcycling

Posted by admin 02/01/2019 0 Comment(s)

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From the small German town of Niedereschach, Touratech has become one of the most acclaimed brands in the world of motorcycling, but even more so among touring fans. Since its foundation in 1990, Touratech's international fame has multiplied to the point that it is now in a total of 46 countries, thanks to the presence of numerous shops and official distributors who have contributed to the growth and public recognition of the brand.


The dream come true for Schwarz and Schanz, founders of Touratech

If there's one thing touring fans know, it's that if Touratech didn't exist, it would have to be invented. Herbert Schwarz and Jochen Schanz did just that to show the world their vision and experience in the world of touring. The architects of the Touratech foundation saw the opportunity to create a company that would represent their passion for adventure motorcycling and thus be able to share it with other lovers of this sport.

Having travelled halfway around the world on their touring bikes, Schwarz and Schanz found inspiration in their travels to start creating the first Touratech accessories. A manufacturing process that continues in the same city of Niedereschach, for everyone.


Touratech USA, Zega aluminium suitcases



From the fascination of motorcycle travel to the production of superior quality accessories

With more than 25 years of innovation in the off-road segment, Touratech is today a brand trusted by thousands of customers all over the world, as its accessories and motorcycle components have been manufactured to adapt to the most extreme conditions, always guaranteeing maximum quality in their finishes. For this reason, the products that you will find in our distributors of Touratech Andorra or Touratech Spain have a great resistance and technologically advanced features that adapt to each bike and riding style.

Thus, in our establishment of Tourand Adventure you will find a wide range of aesthetic and mechanical accessories for your bike, especially for trail style. In addition, for the pilot we also have different complements, from jackets with protection, integral petos, gloves and boots, as well as helmets of high quality that only you will find in your shop Touratech in Andorra.

In this sense, within its wide catalogue of complements and accessories, the Zega aluminium suitcases stand out, the name it receives from the town of Zaire (D.R. Congo), one of the places visited by Schwarz and Schanz on their numerous tours of southern Africa. These suitcases have currently been a source of inspiration for many other brands dedicated to the manufacture of storage components for motorcycles, as these, since their first appearance on the market, have become pioneers in terms of design and functionality. Thus, Touratech has also been dedicated since its inception to the manufacture of components for BMW motorcycles, especially for GS models, providing accessories to improve and prepare the motorcycles aesthetically and for the safety and comfort of the rider.

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